Sunday, 30 August 2015

Cleaning it all Away

“From within people, from their hearts,
come evil thoughts, unchastity, theft, murder,
adultery, greed, malice, deceit,
licentiousness, envy, blasphemy, arrogance, folly.
All these evils come from within and they defile.”
MARK 7: 21-23
22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time
How appropriate that the Gospel coincides much with what I have been doing lately; tidying up my things, getting ready to move on towards the next chapter of my life. Personally, I am a clean, tidy and specific person. Many find me calculative, not too easy going.
I enjoy keeping the little that I have tidy and neat. I am not much of a collector or a sentimental person.
(My collection of things from old pictures, certs and ceremonial booklets.)
As I went through the little that I have, I came across old pictures and ceremonial booklets that brought back many sweet and also some painful memories. What that was not important I discarded; I deem what is not important as things that I do not often use or things that will not benefit me in anyway in the future.
My spring clean also allowed me to wipe off dust that have collected over the years.
A point to take in, especially those involved in Catholic Education, I am glad to announce that Bishop Francis has acknowledged receiving my report documents concerning schools in Malaysia. He pointed out that he has his focus on the "contents" of the report. I only received the letter last week through another person, due to my absence, and the letter dates 3rd Aug 2015.
(Bishop Francis, I am happy that he always send me a letter.)
This 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time, the liturgy invites us to focus on what is essential. Many people worry about what is going on around them, rather than looking at what is going on within themselves. It is not so much about what others are doing to us, but rather the manner we are reacting towards the jolts others put on us. It is not what out there that can distort our minds and hearts, but rather to see that our hearts and mind stay firm, not disturbed by any negative influence.
This call us to clean up our insides on a daily basis, making sure that our thoughts, our feelings, our emotions...Are not cluttered with the non-essentials, but only have those few that are important for a well lived life.
So keep your eyes on what is happening within you, inside you, daily. For us Catholics we call this the Examination of Conscience that many Catholics do on a daily basis, usually before going to bed.

(BERSIH 4.0 rally going on in Kuala Lumpur.)
Some thoughts on BERSIH 4.0 that is happening as I write this blog. Honestly, I do admire the effort Malaysians are demonstrating. I see this willingness of ordinary Malaysians to be part of the picture for change, to take part in BERSIH 4.0, as a sign of Hope for the future of Malaysia, it indicates the on-going change for the better in many Malaysians.
I want to make all of us aware, that like what the Gospel this Sunday speaks of, real change takes place WITHIN. A real change must be a change that comes from the personal commitment of each and every person. I hope that BERSHI 4.0 organizers and participants remember that the change they are asking for is a change of CULTURE; that means many are asking for a change in system, a change for more transparency, a change demanding greater justice....I hope those in BERSIH 4.0 remember that calling Najib to step down and demanding a new political system is only the tip of the iceberg - the real change must be the change at the bottom of the iceberg.
If we want a real, fresh and lasting change it is peoples' hearts that must change, peoples' minds that must change. Are we so certain that the next person in line is any better than Najib? Let us be mindful at the end of the day we are all humans, and we do have our limitations (just maybe Najib has far too many limitations/mistakes?). It is you and me, all of us, that must change before we can be certain that what is happening now under Najib does not happen again.
Perhaps, for those who are not satisfied with Najib and the current political system, let us vote against them during the next election.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Down Time

Jesus then said to the Twelve, “Do you also want to leave?”

JOHN 6: 67

21st SUNDAY in Ordinary Time
Gospel from John 6: 60-69

Last week, yes on a Friday, I asked students what does the word 'august' mean? Many claimed that august is the "eight month of the year". Very well, at least they got that right. I asked them again, what is the meaning of august? No one could answer.

August in English can mean 'venerable, well thought of'....While in Latin, it is the name of Augustus - the first Roman Emperor.

The students asked me, "do we have to know all these?"

A very important question for me, I told them yes! It is general knowledge. As a facilitator in education, I assist the education of a person; to assist means to help others to open their horizons to discover and accept new knowledge. I do not believe just because my students come into my Biology, Chemistry or Science classes they must only be immersed in what is in the book.

What is in the book is dead, knowledge is alive! Knowledge must and can be discovered each day.

Jesus today also taught his disciples very hard topics. The theological topics Jesus disclosed to his audience was so plain and direct that many murmured among themselves, “This saying is hard; who can accept it?”

Jesus upon over hearing those murmurings challenged them, "Does this shock you?" Many ended up leaving him, going back to their former lives. Jesus placed the 12 Apostles, those closest to him, and also challenged them with this question, "Do YOU also want to leave?"

A very relevant question in deed. A question such as this is ought to be asked when we are having our down times; moment of trouble, grieve, lost. It is only at moments such as these, where another part of our selves become sharpened; it is tested. When we have nothing to own, nothing to have, nothing to boast...This question "Do YOU also want to leave?" Becomes so relevant and becomes so much harder to answer.

As a Student Development Coordinator of schools many see my role as too superficial, too easy. I receive names from teachers about troubled students, then I go about requesting that they see me for a chat in my room. I walk about the schools speaking with students, encouraging them with simple words. Teachers see this as an easy job!

Let me tell you, to touch a mind, a heart, and to truly educate a person is not done by great works and words. A true educator can educate even when he or she does not need to say anything or do anything. Education is about the dignity of every child, to equip every child with the capability to learn, to discover and to make choices.

I leave you with this quotation by St Leonie:

" I ask you to put your whole hearts into your duties as classroom teachers, and to carry this out for the love of God.  Have patience, know how to await God’s moment. You must be careful to be deeply united to Our Lord. This is the only way in which you will do something good."

St Leonie - Pray for us.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Listen - DO

Last weekend the Roman Catholic Church rejoices over the reality that, in Truth of Faith, the Virgin Mary was brought up to heaven body and soul.

For us who have studied church history, we do come across a time in history when the event called the 'cult of the Virgin Mary' was occurring. To me personally, I wasn't attracted to study this cult deeper as I have a healthy Love and Devotion towards the Virgin Mary. I am not sure why Protestants find it disturbing to look at the wonderful person of Mary.

Like many great Saints, I find in Mary a great source of help and support when it comes to building my determination to do what God is asking of me to do. For my life as a religious Franciscan, it is not easy to walk into the world with my particularly religious way of dressing, my cross on my clothes, my confidence when it comes to carrying out tasks in schools, praying with students, speaking with students (while ensuring my conversation is inclusive and wide scope).

Such a life, as mine, lived by Faith does require much graces from God; the awareness of God's Grace is renewed each day in Prayer. Yes, God constantly provides the faithful with Graces even when it is not asked for, because God is a faithful God who looks after us and gives us anything that we need.

God does not provide us, only upon us asking Him.

I see in Mary that additional companion on my journey of lived Faith. A Faith that is little yet so contradictory in our world; not many believe in the wellness of life, in the need to protect married, in the need to love, in the need to rest at least on a Sunday. It is occasions such as these, when the entire world is against us, that Mother Mary reminds me to remain in Jesus Christ. With Mary, I move on despite the dangers I face, the doubts I experience as I enter the school where I minister to, the accusations aimed at me...

Looking to Mary reminds me that she too went through huge obstacles just to embody the very message of God. Mary never gave up, so too I must not give up! Even at the cross, where Jesus her son died on, Mary remained constant in standing by Jesus and the message Jesus had.

Mary is not a mere intercessor, but she is a catalyst to countless of Saints and people of Faith till today. A catalyst to live a life of Joy as we witness to the way of Jesus Christ! As we embody the message of Jesus!

Sunday, 9 August 2015

It is Unclear

The Jews murmured about Jesus because he said,
“I am the bread that came down from heaven, ”...
JOHN 6: 41
19th Sunday in Ordinary Time
The act of murmuring, is basically an act of complaining. If we look at the meaning of murmur, to murmur means to babel unclear words....a murmuring of words. To murmur, to complain, is about plainly making sound.
That is why Jesus warns us in today's Gospel that such attitude of complaining, or murmuring, will not bring us any good; murmuring will not bring us salvation. It is only by and with Faith in Jesus Christ that we are saved.
Today, I thought about the many qualities of humanity. Many of us possess good qualities, but we also, including myself, have at least a few, if not many, BAD qualities. In my maturing years I realized one weakness many of us have is murmuring; many adults, even those in advance age, love to make empty words, love to complain, yes to gossip.
Many of us enjoy, we indulge, in talk and talk and talk, not giving time to listen to the other. Talk and talk without giving time to have a reverential respect for the other, to acknowledge that God created the other and love the other just as must as our selves.
In respect of the other I have never shared in deep detail about certain experiences I have had in the past. Why? Because people do not listen, many of us only hear the another speaks to us. In speaking many of us are only keen to get more information so that we can share with others; this is why the Pope says gossiping is sin! Instead of listening with reverence we are judging others. When we spread what we listened to others, this is also an act of judgement because we allow others to judge the person who first spoke to us.
Gossiping is sin because instead of assisting the person speaking, we are only becoming empty loud speakers!
To date I tend not to share with others my experience of:
1) The Devil who held me to my bed in my cell (room of the monastery) not allowing me to move for a few seconds.
2) A few days after my grandmother's burial I smelt her medicated ointment at night in my room.
3) The call of God to religious consecration
4) My ability to sense sin and sense God everyday
When I share such mysterious, out of the world, events such as the above the first response I will get is always a judgement. In today's Gospel, Jesus also told the Jews an absurd, very stupid, very alien, statement. Jesus claims that he is the bread that has come down from heaven.
Next time when a stranger shares an absurd story or reality of his/her life, just LISTEN with reverence and respect. If what the stranger says is a lie, that lie will never come to fruition. Yet, if what the stranger says is true, even when if it is true in terms of Faith, then it benefits both YOU and the stranger.
Let us murmur less....Listen with Faith more. Learn to accept each other....Judge less.
'So be imitators of God, as beloved children, and live in love,
as Christ loved us and handed himself over for us
as a sacrificial offering to God for a fragrant aroma.'
Ephesians 5: 1-2

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Mr. Najib, Harriett Thomas and Malaysians

"Brother Kenneth, what do you think about 1MDB?" Asked my friends when I arrived in Malaysia.

My response was one that hurt them to the core, to their very conscience, because being my straight and direct self I responded, " Aren't you, and many Malaysians, like Mr Najib Razak? Aren't you all exactly the same as Mr Najib Razak?"

I recalled, how Harriett Thomas used her dirty tricks to wrongly dismiss a teacher, and I questioned myself, "aren't Harriett Thomas the same as Mr Najib? Harriet used dirty tricks to remove her teacher who has an honest opinion, but wasn't her critic?"

So aren't Malaysians like Mr Najib Razak? YES! Many Malaysians are like him!

I chose to write today about 1MDB, because the shuffling of Mr Najib's cabinet effects the Ministry of Education in Malaysia. I can only hope the new Deputy Minister does not create any mess with the education system currently in placed, but help to improve the education system.

In what way is Australia different? Yes, Australia has our whole lot of rubbish, just like any politics we have our rubbish. I am sure this year itself, Mr Abbott's cabinet wanted him down? Then we had the issue of "paying" boat smugglers to turn out of Australian waters, and send the illegal boat people elsewhere.

I think, in my opinion, unlike Malaysia, there is some degree of transparency in Australia. Australians on the whole can criticise each other, but at the end of the day they respect each other. In my experience, politics in Australia is always opened for debate. Ministers never try to go over board to cover up their mess, while some no doubt does, but on a minimal scale. There is a respectable degree of accountability among Australian politicians, and they never fear to say "SORRY".

With Malaysia, I think many of you and the whole world have seen and heard it all. What do Malaysian politicians, and Malaysians in general do when they come face-to-face with their own evil? This is what many Malaysians do:

**They go into DENIAL, then they CONDEMN their 'critics' (those who honestly bring the matter to the table), finally they CREATE STORIES to make themselves look innocent....

My opinions:
1) One Malaysia (1 Malaysia) - from the start I knew this was a monetary and political scam! As an educator in schools, I have never come across any racial issues, and yet, suddenly I heard the Government is coming up with 1 Malaysia. That is why in my speeches in schools, in class and in church I never mention "1 Malaysia".  Sadly, many students and teachers accuse me of being "racist", just because I never believed in 1 Malaysia.

2) 1MDB issues - Malaysians, why I say you are just like Mr Najib Razak? Because you invest in things like share markets, unit trust, you buy so many goods....I asked those who asked for my opinions, "DO YOU KNOW WHO USES YOUR INVESTED MONEY? DO YOU KNOW IF THE COMPANIES YOU INVEST IN ARE ETHICAL?" Many admit to me, they have no idea. As long they earn money they are happy, but when they lose money then issues such as 1MDB comes up. In the first place why do people even invest in 1MDB?

3) Reshuffling of Mr Najib's Cabinet - To me this is exactly the reflection of the Malaysian mentality; 'if I don't like somebody, I do all sort of things to get them out of my way'. A shame that the ministers who got fired, where not given the option to resign. So no point complaining Malaysia, because many of you are the same.

1) Malaysians you got to WAKE UP! Know that you have rights, speak up, be heard...
2) To those in power, be it in politics or the corporate sector, in this modern age, learn to LISTEN to those around you. Your so called, 'CRITICS' in reality are not there to condemn you but to help you.
3) Those who have too much money, make sure you KNOW the real details of things and company you invest your money in. If you can't be bothered, then when you lose money (such as in the 1MDB issue) do not make the headlines!
4) Invest your money in too much money, help me so that I can help the poor.

**Without Prejudice - remember, my opinions are based on many Malaysians, not all. There are genuine good and holy Malaysians in Malaysia.

Friday, 24 July 2015

Remembering Fr. Gregory Jordan

Eternal Rest, grant onto Fr Jordan, O Lord.
Let your perpetual light of Love, surround him.
Before, I pen down my memories on Fr Jordan, I cannot help but also recall my sins; my mistakes, my shortcomings. In all good stories, there is some darkness, this the reality of human life; our crosses, our crown of thorns.

I returned to Australia, with the hope of giving up my observance of the Consecrated Life, desiring to put my Faith aside. Meeting Fr Jordan kept me on track and renewed my Faith! Through meeting him, he put me in touch with Sr. Catherine Hefferan, rsj my Spiritual Director who helped me to heal my past wounds committed by the church. Fr. Jordan also assisted us in gathering together for prayer and fellowship through the establishment of the Salt + Light Prayer Group.
Our First Meeting:
I was introduced to Fr Jordan, months before I landed on Queensland soil. It was through one of the FSSP (Fraternity of St Peter) priest that I got to be in touched with Fr. Jordan. Fr. Jordan provided me with transport to the Latin Mass at Buranda, and after my first Latin Mass in my life time, Fr. Jordan send me back home.
Fr. Jordan came into my home for a chat and cuppa together with the others in my house who were from France. I think, if I was right, Fr. Jordan did speak a little of French with them! Fr. Jordan was good with languages! 
Fr. Jordan was a lovely man, I love his smile and his ability to connect with people from different age groups, culture and background.
An Intellectual and Witty Man:
I have been reading on news and write ups pertaining to Fr. Jordan, after his death. All that were said was so true and, to me, I am blessed to have encountered personally Fr. Jordan as he is!
Yes, I did feel very difficult speaking with Fr. Jordan as his response were always so deep, filled with facts, so knowledgeable. Honestly, I found it hard to understand the gist of his jokes.
Never the less, I respected Fr. Jordan for who he is, just as he himself accepted me for who I am.
Deep Faith towards God and Mother Church:
Yes, Fr. Jordan was a man of his word! He stood up for what he knew to be True (with a big 'T') and he made what he thought known to those around him. Fr. Jordan was never one to shy away from defending the Truth about God and about the dignity of human life.
Perhaps, Fr. Jordan's openness, his unreserved nature, placed him at odds with the Archbishop of his time (his boss). Many Priests in the diocese also had their reservations about Fr. Jordan, many like me, find it hard to understand Fr. Jordan. But, through my journey with Fr. Jordan he never hated his 'opponents' - he always reminded me to "PRAY" for our enemies.
Fr. Jordan Mission Lives on in Me:
In Malaysia, the final few years before the La Salle Brothers had to vacate their last school, due to lack of Vocations, some Brothers told me in private that their greatest concern is the lack of "ROLE MODELS" for the future students.
In many ways I have been blessed to have met people such as the late Bro Ulrick, Fr. Jordan and many living Priests, politicians, lay people in Australia (sadly, in Malaysia is only a tiny handful of good ones left). These good people helped shape the person I am today, and in the future.
I think what I learnt from Fr. Jordan are:
1) Decide on your site - he encouraged me to make my choice, not sit on the fence. Sadly, to date I still prefer to sit on the fence as this will help me to serve the people on both sites of the fence.
2) Firm in my believes, thoughts, convictions - he showed me the beauty of God, the Church and the beauty of safe guarding what is True. Despite the persecution one has to go through, he thought me to stand firm. After all, if God is on our site, who can be against us? Today, I continue to speak up on Social Justice Issues and the protection of Education for the poor and youths.
3) Appreciation for the Sacred - Through Fr. Jordan's willingness to celebrate the Latin Tridentine Mass he allowed me the space to identify and appreciate the Sacredness of all things pertaining to God; the Sacraments and human life. I wasn't a frequent attendee of the Latin Mass, but through the Latin Mass I have grown in holiness.
4) Youths and Education - When I met Fr. Jordan he was already in his late 70's, by then he was no longer a school teacher. But, one thing I saw in him, like in Bro Ulrick, was his ability to draw many young people from diverse culture; Fr. Jordan was a magnet, a magnet for things GOOD! I am glad that while in Brisbane, and even today, I still enjoy education and I am passionate to be among students/youths. Youths, young people, do need good role models! Fr. Jordan loved to correct my English, and yes, I too do it with my students today.
I leave you with some pictures of activities whereby Fr. Jordan had some role in them, at least indirectly. Unfortunately, I do not have personal photos taken with Fr. Jordan as I am never keen in publicising my personal mission work.
Salt + Light Prayer Group (Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, France, Australia...)
Fr. Jordan go now in Peace! May Our Mother Mary, whom you had great devotion lead you to the bosom of the Eternal Father!
Pray for me Fr Jordan, that your good work lives on in me!

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Busy Bodies ('kaypo') versus Genuine Concern

The apostles gathered together with Jesus
and reported all they had done and taught.
He said to them,
“Come away by yourselves to a deserted place and rest a while.”

Mark 6: 30-31

16th Sunday in Ordinary Time - MARK 6: 30-34

I recently had a good gathering with friends and family; good in the sense that we got to relax, talk, enjoy food and drink in the company of each other.

Aren't we very curious living creatures?

As I was meditating on this week's Gospel from Saint Mark, I realized that I tend to begin my conversation with friends with a QUESTION; perhaps at least a "how are you?" Very often I also tend to ask questions such as, "what are you doing here" and "what brings you here". Unlike many people I tend not to ask people, not even my closest of friends, questions such as "how much salary you get", "where are you working"...Some 'friends' will even dare to be sneaky and ask another friend to sign up for insurance policies!

Our questions can make other people uncomfortable.

This we must avoid. How? Ask yourself if the extra information you get will help you, in any way, to become a better living creature? I always only give an honest answer to a question only when I am certain that the answers I give will help the other person to go to Heaven, or to be a better human being, for those of you that do not believe in heaven. I always believe that if the information I give will only help you to become richer, help you to gossip more, be more selfish...Then I rather not answer the question, run away from you or I tell you a lie.

I realized that in the Gospel today, perhaps in the entire Gospel, Jesus does not interrogate anyone, yes Jesus may ask a few questions, but he never investigates to the extend it makes the person uncomfortable. Not even sinners! Not even wrong doers! Jesus was contented with any person that comes to him with honesty, sincerity, faith.

Jesus welcomes you and me, the way we are as long as we go to Jesus with Faith, Hope and Love.

Next time when you are with anyone, be it a friend, stranger, family or work mates...See how many questions you have. Remember sometimes a reverential respect for the other is more than sufficient; put on a listening ear and not a hearing ear. Let us not be busy bodies/gossipers but let us be genuine in our questions we throw onto others.

Remember you can do good...I recalled the events concerning Harriet Thomas who forced a teacher to sign documents, even when the teacher showed doubt in what was written in the documents. If you and I were in Harriet's shoes what is the right thing to do?

1) Clarify, clear the doubts of others, before we ask someone to sign or to commit to anything.
2) Since the person has expressed doubts with the content of the document, then the person should be given time to think over before we make people sign any document.

I firmly hold true that Harriet, in her role as Deputy Principle, should have the common sense to respect the options the teacher has. Since the teacher has showed or expressed doubts, then in her role as Deputy Principle she should be wise to either clarify those doubts or allow the teacher time to investigate the content of the document.

In forcing or suggesting the teacher to sign without addressing those doubts, has made Harriet Thomas a criminal; forcing anyone to sign blindly, especially when Harriet knows the content of the document is untrue, has made Harriet Thomas seriously and multiply wrong. Ms Lydia unfortunately has played a seriously shameful act, when Lydia allowed Harriet to make use of her to complete Harriet's malicious acts in defaming that teacher concerned.

Have been reading about the history of the Mission Schools in Asia.

As a Chapel Monitor I remembered opening and closing the doors of the chapel.

Sunday, 12 July 2015


Jesus said to them,
“Wherever you enter a house, stay there until you leave.
Whatever place does not welcome you or listen to you,
leave there and shake the dust off your feet
in testimony against them.”

Mark 6: 10 - 11 (15th Sunday in Ordinary Time)

(We remember that we are in the Year of Consecrated Life...Have you prayed for your Brothers and Sisters? Have you did some research by reading (google?) on what it means to be consecrated?)
I think if I, as a young man, had chosen a life of careerism, money, sexual relationships...I will not have been able to 'get my feet dirty'; I will not have been able to truly experience what the poor experience daily. There are so many in our midst who are poor - the materially poor, the unemployed, the handicapped, the sick, the unskilled, the elderly, those living in fear of being persecuted.
Truly, truly I am grateful that God has given me the grace of living in holy poverty, holy chastity and holy obedience in the Gospel Rule of Life of ST Francis of Assisi.
Let me ask you a very important, but sadly neglected, question.
Do the POOR have DIGNITY?
I am sure upon hearing the word dignity, we will immediately say, "OH, YES I AND EVERY ONE HAVE DIGNITY?"
Very well, will you mean your YES even during occasions whereby you will lose your convenience; perhaps your protection of the dignity of the other will cause you to lose your 'face', your job, your yearly bonus...Will you still respect your dignity and the dignity of others in these situations?
I think many people do admire the work of the Catholic Church, with all the many schools, hospitals, mission centres serving the needs of everyone regardless of sex, religion, background.
 - Pope Francis
Why am I so protective of students and of education?
- students are vulnerable, they are fresh, they are innocent...they are yet to know of their basic rights
- education is an asset available to all, especially the poor
-education must not be a PRIVATE entity
-education must be OPEN...if not what will your child learn? Just basic facts on reading, writing and counting?
I must admit here, that I reprimanded Mr Norbert Chan of my HR Department (Manager), who entered the discussion room to discuss the manner for solving the unjust treatment of a teacher in my school. I am sad for you Malaysians, i think that is why your own politicians feel you are "stupid" and "worst than monkeys". Norbert came into the room, walking in as if he has the right to be there. Yes, though he was sent by the school and legally he could be at the 'right' to be at the discussion. But, respect your dignity...folks, do you have dignity? You say "YES!" But, are you exercising your dignity? Are you exercising your rights?
Even before I sat down at the meeting table I told Norbert off, raising my voice, "...this man should not be here, he was just hired by the school and has no knowledge of the incident (of the teacher)..."
How can you respect your dignity?
In Norbert's case, furthermore Norbert as a catholic with a small 'c', he should have the common sense to alert all the members at the meeting that he is new to the school (only 1+ months) and he should request if he can be at the discussion meeting. Many of you do not do this, but I do....I do go with my common sense, even when I may be politically wrong in doing so.
What will be the outcome if someone does admit and asked for permission to be at a place?
Perhaps, many of you will say if Norbert had did what I suggested, then Norbert may have lost his case? Because the politically 'correct' thing to do, since he was asked to represent the school, he should just be QUIET of the fact he is a fresh/new employee. Norbert should just walk in and sit at the meeting table pretending he is innocent.
I tell you by merely walking in, Norbert, like many of you, have allowed your 'companies' to trample on your dignity and make a fool of you.
If Norbert had practice the virtue of humility, and before sitting down at the meeting table just inform the members present, "I am new to the school, but I was sent on behalf of the school. May I be part of the meeting." See, if Norbert had done this he will impressed the members at that meeting with his confidence, his humility, his dignity...This, gesture of Norbert, if done, will have put the school under investigation at a more dignified state.
Sadly, Norbert did not do this and in my official report to the church and the NGO - I have to be honest, that the quality of the employees of the school concern is questionable.