Thursday, 10 November 2016

The End

10th November - Memorial of Saint Leo

"Refresh my heart in Christ."
Philemon 1: 20

The Extraordinary Year of Mercy soon comes to an end, on 20th November the Door of Mercy in Rome will be shut and sealed. I take this blessed occasion, just before the academic year and the holy year comes to an end, to take the courage to shut and seal something about me too.

In reality, I wanted to stop writing blog many years ago. But, a lady told me to continue writing because it brings hope to others; it seems my sharing in this blog is viewed as very common and has an important message. In 2016 I received a feedback from India finding my post to speak a great deal about social justice and equality.

This blog has been a pillar of determination to me over the many years; it gave me inspiration to continue the good I think I was doing and many were inspired by my sharing, my deep thoughts. I will be honest that yes, my writing has also caused divisions among people when what I wrote was the truth.

I have grown to know that many people are afraid of DIFFERENCES; when people see me as different from the rest, they become suspicious of me and they try to destroy me in the process. Yet, these experiences of shame has helped me to be more appreciative of those who do not fit in perfectly with societal norms. I have grown to be more caring towards those who are misunderstood for the ideas they have, of those who are shunned for the way of life they embrace...

Issues, perhaps many issues I raised reflected 'negativity'? But issues, even when negative must and can be discussed. Many of us have the idea that our ignorance and silence is the best cure for divisions. In my personal experiences, silence and ignorance create more harm because it leads both parties to 'hide' in their own shelter; sweeping issues under the carpet and trying to forget about the issue. We got to learn to have courage to speak, not to argue, when there are matters of concern.

As I shut and seal this stage of my life, I basically want to move on to the next higher and greater stage. Shutting and sealing can be deemed as negative - many of us are afraid of shutting and sealing. Yet, I remember, such as during this Year of Mercy, I have been given the Grace to be Merciful like the Father. If I only keep receiving, if my 'door' is only kept open then will not the grace received go to waste? Shutting and sealing is a state of growth; a moment in time to take into account what we have received, thinking/reflecting and allow ourselves to grow.

I thus hereby say farewell to those of you who have been inspired by my writings, I say I am grateful to God for the opportunity to be of a little inspiration. To those of you who have been offended by my honest writings in this blog, I seek your prayers and forgiveness.